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The mythology

Eos dawn Goddess of ancient Greece was one of the second generation Titans.


Every morning she awoke from her home at the edge of the Oceanus and used her rosy fingers to open the gates of heaven. This enabled her brother Helios (the sun God) to ride his chariot across the sky. It is said she brought forth the hope of a new day.


Our philosophy

Our aim, from the moment you are greeted at the door is to provide you with a unique sensory experience of sight, smell and taste. The eos motto is simple:


Good food and good service keeps the customers coming back!


Like the sun rising over the horizon, bringing forth a new day, eos shares a similar philosophy. Infusing simple flavours from Greece and the Mediterranean, complimenting the fresh local produce and the smokiness of open Australian Mallee Root charcoal.


Our menu and specials echo a new day in Greek cuisine. Flavours and textures are combined to tantalise your tastebuds leaving you craving for more.


From a young age, Jim was introduced to the art of cooking through his Uncle, who taught him that cooking with passion is like a beating heart. Jim’s passion led him through Italian, French, Asian and Modern Australian cuisines, but nothing could keep him away from his Cypriot heritage


Now with eos, his heart has found an extra beat! His years of experience as a head chef in numerous establishments is reflected in his service, menu and wine list that all harmonize together to keep you returning again and again.

Kali orexi.


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